Equal representation is a critical issue for the festival industry as audiences become more diverse. Festivals should be accessible and inclusive for all who wish to attend them. 

This award is for a festival that has shown a clear commitment to diversity and/or inclusivity. 

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What will festivals look like in the future?

The answer is hidden in the many amazing festivals that happened in 2018. We’re on a mission to dig out these special moments for our first ever Festicket Festival of the Future Awards.

Our awards are celebrating positive changes and innovations in the festival industry. We’ve delved beyond the music and picked categories that reflect the most-discussed issues among festival fans and set the agenda for future festivals. 

We’re excited to champion the most innovative festivals around the world, and find moments that moved events into exciting, unchartered territories.


Festivals have come a long way from a simple stage in a muddy field. Many of today’s events are pushing the boundaries of what we expect from festival locations in the pursuit of creating transcendent experiences for their fans. 

This award is for a festival held in a truly unique or special location.


Technology has changed the way we watch music forever. Festivals have become a place for stage designers to experiment and create staging far beyond anything most revellers could have imagined ten years ago.

This award is for a festival that showed innovation in stage design.


An eco-friendly ethos is key to sustaining the festival industry. We’re celebrating the festivals of today that are ensuring that there will still be festivals of tomorrow.

This award is for a festival that shown a clear commitment to sustainability through their ethos or use of a eco-friendly provider.


The experiences provided at festivals can influence mental and physical health, so we're looking to the trailblazers at supporting this. 

This award is for a festival, or provider, that has shown clear support for the physical or mental health of festival attendees.


Festivals have been slow to embrace technology, but some are paving the way for technologically advanced festivals of the future. 

This award is for a festival or provider that enhanced the experience of revellers at festivals using technology. 


We love the humble tent - but we’re also excited to see festivals experiment with new and exciting places for their fans to rest their heads. 

This award is for a festival accommodation provider that has debuted new and exciting options. 


Gone is the soggy burger in polystyrene. Today's festivals set global food and drink trends and offer the opportunity for vendors (and punters) to try new things.

This award is for an outstanding, trend-setting food or drink festival concession.


We had over 100 festivals and festival suppliers enter the 2018 awards. We're pleased to announce the following runners up as "Highly Commended" for 2018:

Strawberries & Creem Festival (UK)
Wacken Open Air (Germany)
Snowbombing and Smirnoff Equalising Music (Austria)
Festival Tradidanças (Portugal)

Bergenfest (Norway)
TH!NK? Festival (Germany)

Innovation in Staging
Back of Beyond Festival (UK)
Let It Roll (Czech Republic)

Parklife Festival (UK)
Transmission (Czech Republic)

Boardmasters (UK)
Kala Festival (Albania)
Firefly Music Festival (USA)
DGTL (Netherlands)

Festifeel (UK)
Velorama Festival (USA)
Festival Tradidanças (Portugal)
NATURE ONE (Germany)

DGTL (Netherlands)
UNTOLD (Romania)
Electric Love Festival (Austria)
Bestival and tappit (UK)

NATURE ONE (Germany)
Pohoda Festival (Slovakia)
Podpads (UK)
Kala Festival (Albania)


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About the Festival of the Future Awards

Our Panel

We've asked some friends in the industry to help with picking the winners - industry experts, futurologists and future leaders in their field:

Sammy Andrews, founder & CEO at Deviate Digital

Chiara Michieletto, Digital Marketing Manager at Music Ally 

Jasmin Sherman, Artist Manager at Rocket Music

Hayley Leaver, Booking Agent at 13 Artists

Jess Kinn & Clementine Bunel, Booking Agents at CODA Agency

David Hillier, Festival Journalist (Vice, Guardian, Rough Guides)

Yonas Blay, Chief Commercial Officer at Festicket

Highly Commended 

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 winners!

All Points East (UK)

Meadows In The Mountains Festival (Bulgaria)

Innovation in Staging
Bilbao BBK Live (Spain)

Orbits Festival (Portugal)

The Loop (UK)

Pukkelpop and Appmiral (Belgium)

KarTent (Netherlands)